Besson Talks About That “Valerian” Trailer

The release earlier this morning of the first trailer for Luc Besson’s “Valerian and the City Of A Thousand Planets” has so far been a big success. The vision shows a colorful, weird and truly epic look to the European comic adaptation that was made outside the U.S. studio system which means the filmmaker doesn’t have to compromise his vision for the sake of one market.

Speaking with Slashfilm last week during a visit to Wildfire Studios where post-production is still underway, Besson spoke a bit more about the trailer. First up, the use of the original The Beatles song “Because” in the trailer:

“It’s actually a first time in forty years that they allowed a film to get the original song. Usually, it’s a cover. But they never have the rights for the original one. I asked. I say please. I mean, you never know until you ask. So we just ask and, I mean, I didn’t talk to Paul [McCartney], but it sounds like the project just felt like it was appropriate. I wish I would know. I would love to talk to him to say thanks. But at least we have it.

We have the song first and then we did the trailer with it. We did the opposite. We tried to find a feeling first musically and say, okay, what is the color of the music of what we want to say? And the song was what we wanted. It’s perfect. It’s like ah, oh there’s everything in it that we like for the film. And then after it was easy.”

Visual effects have now reached a point where imagination is the only limit. Despite all the CG tools involved, there’s 2700 shots with special effects in this film, Besson liked to have some practical elements involved as it actually helps the CG as well:

“I think this film is the perfect example of how you can mix everything in at the same time. And not having C.G. or practical or, you know, but it’s a mix. Later I will take you in the room to show you that sometimes on some aliens, Weta asked for half of the costume.

So they have a piece of the costume. And they can build from that. Because it helps them on the movement. You know it’s better for them because otherwise, the animators come back to the pattern. You know, and the movement is always the kind of same. There is nothing better than a human movement. So for most of the aliens, I need a piece of something real, and then they build the rest. So it’s pretty amazing.”

Besson confirms a 600-page bible was created to fill out this universe with entries for a hundred different alien creatures, each with a fully distinct culture and a place of origin. He’s also already keen to do sequels should this one go over well with fans and at the box-office:

“I can do much more if you want. No problem, I can sign for number two and three right now. ‘Cause the reality is I love the two characters. ‘Cause it’s a comic book that I read when I was ten. And I’m in love with them since. So I can finish my life with them. No problem.”

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” opens July next year. Check out a full gallery of still captures from the trailer below: