Bernthal Won’t Make “Punisher” A Hero

In the wake of the slip in quality of Marvel’s TV outings which began with the less well-received second season of “Daredevil,” hit rough territory with the back-half of “Luke Cage” and then rock bottom with “Iron Fist,” excitement towards this week’s “The Defenders” is understandably a little muted – but hopeful.

One effort that fans are hoping will really put the spring back in the step of this initiative is the Jon Bernthal-led “The Punisher” series. Bernthal’s turn as the character was easily the most well-received element of the second season of “Daredevil,” and now he gets his own solo outing. Speaking with Moviefone about it this week, his comments sounds very promising:

“It’s an interesting predicament. To put [the Punisher] as the central character is interesting, I think that my big struggle with him is that one of my biggest kind of things that I’m always fighting for on set is, I always want to preserve the essence of Frank, and have the right and be bold enough to really turn my back on the audience, and not do things to win the audience’s favor, but rather stay true to the character and the essence of who he is.

So I think that’s the real challenge: being bold enough to not make him too heroic, at least ‘heroic,’ is important to me. That being said, I think there’s Frank Castle inside of everybody, I think being a father and being a husband, he’s a character that I deeply empathize with.”

“The Punisher” doesn’t have an exact release date as yet beyond sometime toward’s year’s end. We do know Ben Barnes plays Bily Russo, aka Jigsaw, in the thirteen episode season which was filmed from October through April in Brooklyn.