Bernthal Returns To “The Walking Dead”

Actor Jon Bernthal is set to return to AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for at least one episode of the upcoming ninth season.

The actor, who played Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of the series, was spotted earlier this week on the show’s set with fellow cast mates Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. TVLine then confirmed that Bernthal will be back, though how and for how long isn’t clear.

Shane was last seen as a zombie being put down by Carl and so will likely be seen either in flashback or as a hallucination. It could also tie in with Andrew Lincoln’s final episode with the series which is due to take place next season.

Bernthal has most recently been working on the second season of Netflix’s “The Punisher” and has a role in Steve McQueen’s “Widows” due later this year.