Bernal Smells Of Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater”

Gael Garcia Bernal is set to star in Jon Stewart’s feature directorial debut “Rosewater” at OddLot Entertainment.

The project is adapted from Maziar Bahari’s 2011 true story book “Then They Came For Me”. Stewart co-wrote the script with Aimee Molloy, and will produce with Scott Rudin and Gigi Pritzker.

Bernal will play the journalist who left his pregnant fiancee behind in London while he travels to Iran to spend a week covering the country’s presidential elections.

Instead, he winds up spending nearly four months in a notorious Iranian prison where he is brutally interrogated by a man whose defining trait was that he smelt of rosewater.

Stewart is about to take a twelve-week hiatus from hosting “The Daily Show” in order to make the movie.

Source: The Wrap