Berlanti Talks Constantine & Batman On The CW

Months after the cancellation of NBC’s “Constantine,” actor Matt Ryan reprised his role of John Constantine in the fourth season of The CW’s “Arrow”.

Fans got excited about the appearance, hoping it would yield a continuation of the series on the network, or at least Ryan returning to the role down the line on one of the other shows. Sadly that’s not the case says show creator Greg Berlanti who told IGN yesterday that the network doesn’t have any future plans for him yet:

“We haven’t had any conversations with them about Constantine. Constantine exists in a certain place in the DC world and universe [and the network is] kind of internally examining what they want to do with that character next.”

That doesn’t rule out his return but does suggest it will be a while before we see him again. Meanwhile Berlanti also confirmed that there are no plans to include Batman on any of The CW’s DC shows (despite Superman showing up on “Supergirl”), and that rumors of a Batwoman appearance are not true.