Bent Road, “Jeremiah Harm” Get Scribes

Cross Creek Pictures has optioned the film rights to Lori Roy’s novel “Bent Road” and has set Mark Mallouk to adapt the script. The tone is said to be akin to “A History of Violence”, and Benderspink is producing.

The story follows a man who left home in Kansas as a youth after the mysterious death of one his older sisters, then returns with his family twenty years later when another little girl goes missing.

Meanwhile, Dalan Musson has been tapped to pen the Timo Vuorensola-directed film adaptation of the sci-fi/action comic “Jeremiah Harm” at Cheyenne Enterprises.

The story follows its title character as he travels across space, tracking three intergalactic alien criminals to Earth. The criminals land in New York City searching for a what may be the most deadly weapon in the cosmos.

Source: Variety