Bennett Joins, Orci & Saldana Talk Trek

Director J.J. Abrams has cast 11-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett (“Hostage,” “Firewall,” “Poseidon”) as a young James Kirk in “Star Trek”, opening in theaters on Christmas Day reports Coming Soon.

The older Kirk is played by Chris Pine in the film. Bennett is expected to be sharing flashback scenes with Kirk’s father, played by Aussie soap hunk Chris Hemsworth.

Scribe Roberto Orci meanwhile has answered more questions at TrekMovie and confirmed that now shooting on the Enterprise bridge is done, the set has been packed up and put in storage for future use.

Primary influences were second, third, fourth and sixth films, the original series episode “Balance of Terror” (which introduced the Romulans) and the novels of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

James T. Kirk and the film’s villain (Nero) were the most difficult characters to write, whilst the script ended up being 128 pages long in total.

Finally, actress Zoe Saldana talked a little about playing Uhura and James Cameron’s Avatar over at Blackfilm.