Benjamin Walker Considers “Paradise Lost”

Benjamin Walker is in negotiations to play the archangel Michael in Alex Proyas’ mythological fantasy epic “Paradise Lost” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures says Deadline.

Inspired by the John Milton poem, the story follows the fallen angel Lucifer (Bradley Cooper”) who, after being cast out of Heaven, mounts an army that battles the forces of good. Michael is Lucifer’s brother and the leader of said good forces.

The film will be shot utilising heavy amounts of green screen and visual effects ala “300” and “Immortals” and will likely be in 3D. There are reportedly three major action set pieces – one in Heaven, another in Hell, and a third in Eden.

Proyas calls the film a “family saga, about a group of brothers, two in particular, who are on divergent paths, and Lucifer’s feelings of betrayal by his father and family that forge his descent into evil.”

Broadway actor Walker just wrapped the title role in Fox’s action tentpole “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” opening next Summer. Shooting on ‘Paradise’ kicks off in January in Sydney ahead of a late 2013 release which is being targeted.