Benedict Cumberbatch Is A “Rogue Male”

The one and only Benedict Cumberbatch is set to both produce and star in a new film adaptation of the classic British novel “Rogue Male” at Fox Searchlight, SunnyMarch and Black Sheep Pictures.

Based on Geoffrey Household’s 1939 novel, the story follows a hunter who attempts to assassinate a dictator. He is caught, tortured and left for dead but manages to escape back home to England where he must hide out in harsh, rural countryside while enemy agents and police close in.

Michael Lesslie has been hired to write the screenplay while Lloyd Levin, Branwen Prestwood Smith, Adam Ackland and Beatriz Levin will also produce.

Cumberbatch is currently filming the fourth season of The BBC’s “Sherlock” and will be seen in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” later this year.

Source: Variety