Ben Wheatley Filming Secret New Project

At last report, “High Rise” and “Free Fire” director Ben Wheatley was planning to helm the creature feature “Freakshift” with Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander. That was to shoot late summer last year, but there’s been no indication the film went into production and no release date as yet.

Wheatley’s name has also been linked to a number of projects in various stages of development including the Frank Miller comic adaptation “Hard Boiled,” the latest remake of “Wages Of Fear,” and a film adaptation of the 1980s video game “Gauntlet”.

Now though comes word that Wheatley is currently and very quietly in production on a new film which also has him reuniting with his go to cinematographer Laurie Rose. That project’s name? “Colin You Anus”.

Filming will be done in reportedly super quick eleven days – similar to his period acid trip drama “A Field In England” which was shot in twelve days. No word on when we’ll see it but expect a potential Fall festival run.

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