Ben Kingsley Planning Seven Projects

Ben Kingsley’s SBK Pictures has put several films and a made-for-TV miniseries into development, a few of which he will star in reports Variety. The projects include:

Cousin Bazilio
A six-part miniseries set in Lisbon circa 1870. Emily Mortimer is in talks to star, Nick Willing will direct and Kingsley will produce.

The Barton Randall-penned romantic fantasy centers on a woman who reconnects with her childhood toy, an elephant which Kingsley will voice.

I Know a Place
A British comedy written by Barton Randall who also will direct.

Jutland 1916
Based on Peter Hart’s book about the epic WWI naval battle. Kingsley will star as Admiral John Jellicoe.

Rusty Lemorande’s script focuses on the relationship between author Miguel de Cervantes and his creation, Don Quixote.

Whispers Like Thunder
Chronicles the true story of three Native American sisters who fought a 65-year legal battle against the U.S. government to protect the Wyandot Indian sacred burial ground in Kansas. Kingsley will play Charles Curtis, the only part-Native American to serve as vice president of the US.

Charles Wood is adapting Christopher Rush’s novel which depicts the deathbed meeting between William Shakespeare and his lawyer to hash out his last will and testament.

Kingsley and his producing partners Simone Sheffield and Valerie Hoffman will be involved in some capacity on all the projects.