Ben Kingsley Is Grand Vizier In “Tut” Mini-Series

Ben Kingsley has scored a key role in Spike TV’s upcoming six-hour event series “Tut”.

The story explores the life of Tutankhamun in Egypt in 14th Century BC. Becoming pharoah at nine years old after his father’s murder, King Tut was forced to marry his sister in order to maintain the dynasty. He was also controlled like a puppet by three men who plot against him, yet he ultimately grew into a hero in battle.

Kingsley plays Ay, Grand Vizier and top advisor of the pharaoh, as a result he wields tremendous power and influence. The new mini is said to be based on historical facts from recently discovered DNA evidence.

Michael Vickerman, Michael Prupas, Joel S. Rice and Greg Gugliotta will executive produce. Shooting begins this Fall in Morocco and Canada.

Source: Deadline