“Ben-Hur” Remake Is A $100 Million Loss?

New figures in from box-office analysts suggest this past weekend’s “Ben-Hur” remake could ultimately lose its backers around $100 million.

The Biblical epic cost over $100 million to produce and a further tens of millions to market and distribute globally. Sources at rival studios tell Variety that the film’s break-even point sits at approximately $250 million globally.

Early estimates are in and following the film’s $11.2 million domestic debut this past weekend, the overall domestic haul is looking to top out around the $25-30 million mark at best.

Overseas the film will fare better with the movie having taken in $10.7 million from eighteen international markets this past weekend, that represents one-third of all territories where it will ultimately roll out. Estimates for now suggest it could generate around $100 million of business overseas by the time it ends.

Even so that leaves it at about $120 million shy of the $250 million mark. Sources close to the film suggest strong DVD and other home entertainment platform sales could mitigate some of the damage – even so the ultimate losses are likely to be between $60 million and $75 million.

MGM and Paramount went in halves on the budget with foreign distributors and foreign pre-sales helping defray production costs.

The news comes as The Wrap reports that despite all the doom and gloom over the quality of films this Summer, ticket sales are actually up 3% with the box office haul from early May to now estimated at $4.14 billion.

Despite all the high profile flops, the few big success stories of the Summer such as “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” “Finding Dory” and “Suicide Squad” have helped push the numbers up considerably.