Ben Affleck Is The Most Deadly Batman

Batman doesn’t kill. That has been a mantra for the comic character for many years, but the various screen incarnations have often either ignored that rule (1989’s “Batman”) or found loopholes (2005’s “Batman Begins,” the “Batman: Arkham Knight” game) to get around that rule.

Not so the version of Batman that Ben Affleck played in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. A new video is out from Mr. Sunday Movies which clocks up a kill count from the film’s ‘Ultimate Edition’ disc release and it seems this Caped Crusader loves just killing the s–t out of bad guys.

In fact, Affleck’s Batman directly racks up a bodycount of 21 people throughout the film, not including whomever was left in those hastily evacuated buildings that got torn to shreds in the final act. Is that a lot? Across all seven previous live-action movies and the 1966 TV show, Batman killed 45 people. In one movie, Batfleck is halfway there.

That said, Michael Keaton was also pretty lethal – killing 17 people in his first outing (then only 3 in “Batman Returns). Val Kilmer killed 10 in “Batman Forever,” George Clooney was a saint who murdered zero, Christian Bale killed 10 (in his pre-Batman training scenes) in “Batman Begins” but after that only ‘sort of’ killed one villain per film for the three films, and finally Adam West killed one.

Check out the new Batfleck video along with the old Batman body count video from last year below: