Beckinsale Won’t Do Another “Underworld”

It made her an action star, but British actress Kate Beckinsale says she’s done with the “Underworld” franchise and won’t be suiting up as the vampire Selene again.

Speaking with Variety, she was asked straight up if she’d do another “Underworld” film. Her response was equally straight and blunt: “I wouldn’t return. I’ve done plenty of those.”

Beckinsale played the role five times in the six-film franchise, starting with 2003’s first film and ending with last year’s “Underworld: Blood Wars”. In fact, Beckinsale is done with blockbuster filmmaking it would seem, calling working on some of those big films the worst experiences in her life:

“I’ve done indie movies where I’m sitting on a piece of folded carpet and it was wonderful. I’ve done great big movies that were the worst misery of my life. It all depends. At university, I studied Russian and French. I never studied drama, so I always felt like from the beginning of my career that it was an apprenticeship. That freed me up to try a lot of things. It gave me a lot of latitude. I started out in the indie space. I never anticipated doing one of those heavy-weight, very physical franchise things. It was scary to see myself on movie posters on the side of every single bus.”

The “Underworld” franchise’s creator and director Len Wiseman, also Beckinsale’s ex-husband, stated last year that he is currently developing a TV series spin-off.