Bebop, Rocksteady Wanted For “Turtles” Sequel

Should the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot prove a success for Paramount Pictures, producer Brad Fuller says they already have an idea of characters they’d want in the sequel.

Talking up the first film at Comic-Con this week, Fuller revealed that he would hope to have three characters from the classic cartoon involved in the follow-up should it go ahead:

“We’re just finishing the movie but we all wish that we could put everything into the movie. We all have other characters that we wish we could have had in this movie. Casey Jones. Bebop and Rocksteady. We had those conversations throughout development of this movie but we’re launching this movie now in two weeks. Hopefully everybody feels the same way we do [about it]. We love them [Bebop and Rocksteady].”

Elias Koteas portrayed Casey Jones in the 1990s films, while Bebop and Rocksteady have yet to make the transition to the big screen. Paramount has yet to begin development on a sequel to the new ‘Turtles’, preferring to wait and see how the first one performs.

Source: Screen Rant