Beattie Talks “Tomorrow”, “Halo,” “Tarzan”

Aussie scribe Stuart Beattie (“Australia”) talked with Sci-Fi Wire this week about “G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra” which hac just kicked off its international publicity tour, and in the process discussed his other upcoming projects.

First up, “Tomorrow, When the War Began” based on the Australian sci-fi young adult novel series. Beattie says it’s very much in the style of “Black Hawk Down” and don’t expect endless amounts of action – “[There are] only four action sequences in the whole movie, but they’re great action sequences. Because you’re invested in the characters, you really care what happens in them.”

Then there’s a new “Tarzan” for “GI Joe” helmer Stephen Sommers to direct. Beattie says it utilizes a more mythical style setting in the vein of “Pirates of the Caribbean” – “it’s fun. it’s how a Tarzan movie should be. it’s just, because Tarzan’s been done so many times, you can’t just do the standard retelling of Tarzan again, because everyone knows that story. If you’re going to do Tarzan, you’ve got to do it different than it’s ever been done.”

Finally there’s the film version of popular video game “Halo”, that unfortunately seems a long way off if at all – “Maybe in a few years, if things work with Tomorrow and if Tomorrow finds an audience, maybe one day, two or three movies later, I can get the reins of that and maybe direct that, because I would just love to see a Halo movie up there on screen.”