BBC Sets Its “War and Peace” Mini Cast

Paul Dano (“12 Years a Slave”) Lily James (“Downton Abbey”) and James Norton (“Belle”) are set to lead the cast of the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel “War and Peace” at The BBC and The Weinstein Company.

Dano will play Pierre Bezukhov, James is Natasha Rostova and Norton is Prince Andrei Bolkonsky. Also onboard are Stephen Rea (“The Shadow Line”) as Prince Vassily Kuragin, Ade Edmondson (“Blood”) and Greta Scacchi (“Brideshead Revisited”) as Count and Countess Rostov, Jack Lowden (“The Tunnel”) as Nikolai Rostov, Tom Burke (“The Musketeers”) as Dolokhov and Aisling Loftus (“Mr Selfridge”) as Sonya.

Tom Harper (“Woman in Black: Angel of Death”) will direct the miniseries which will be told over six one-hour episodes. Andrew Davies and Harvey Weinstein amongst others will produce and filming will begin in January in Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Source: Variety