BBC Plans New Follett, Forsyth Adaptations

BBC Studios have announced plans for new TV adaptations of author Ken Follett’s 2001 novel “Jackdaws” and acclaimed espionage author Frederick Forsyth’s 2013 and seemingly final fiction novel “The Kill List”.

Mick Ford (“The Boy With the Topknot”) has penned the first episode of “Jackdaws” which follows a team of female insurgents in Occupied France in World War II.

British broadcaster BBC originally planned it as a four-episode mini-series, but the network is no longer involved and its independent production arm BBC Studios is now re-developing it into a bigger-budget ongoing series with the first season slated to run eight episodes.

In order to accomodate the change, and with Follett’s approval, events will be moved back several years from their starting point in the book to allow room for the story to develop over multiple seasons. The project will be pitched to broadcasters and potential partners and could begin production next year.

“The Kill List” adaptation has Ed Whitmore (“Rillington Place) attached and has begun work on the script. The story follows Tracker, a former elite soldier, on his mission to find and kill a prolific terrorist called the Preacher.

The plan is for a six to eight episode adaptation of the book, and if well received then the Tracker character could return for subsequent series. Both projects join the in the works adaptations of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens” for Amazon and the BBC, and a new adaptation of Victor Hugo’s original “Les Miserables” novel for BBC One.

Source: Variety