BBC Planning New Version Of “The Birds”

“Harry Potter” film series producer David Heyman is collaborating with The BBC on a new TV adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 novella “The Birds”.

Digital Spy reports that rather than remaking the classic Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, the mini-series will be a much closer adaptation of the original story which is notably different, darker and bleaker than the film and has more of an apocalyptic self-contained under siege tone.

Set in a small Cornish seaside town just after WW2, the story follows a family who begins to notice the birds in their local area behaving strangely and aggressively depending upon the tides. Soon radio reports come in of attacks across the UK and the father boards up the house as the birds aggressively lay siege to their home.

Only the basic premise of the birds attacking, along with select scenes (the chimney, the victim with pecked out eyes) made it into the Hitchcock film.

Playwright Conor McPherson will adapt the work which is unlinked to the Platinum Dunes film re-imagination in development a decade ago, a version that didn’t get off the ground despite repeated attempts.