BBC Keen On Binge Watch Experimentation

BBC Director General Tony Hall has revealed that he’s keen on the famed but troubled British broadcaster to get into one of the more increasing habits of modern times – binge-watching.

Hall tells The Independent (via CB): “I now want to experiment with the BBC issuing bigger and bolder series all at once on iPlayer, so viewers have the option of ‘binge watching’.”

iPlayer, the BBC’s on-demand VOD service for all its programs, has become a crucial part of the network and offers viewers a chance to catch-up on shows, albeit within only one month of their original airing.

With binge-watching an increasingly important market, and the BBC having a huge back catalogue, it makes sense. The catch though is that the network doesn’t own all of its programming and the syndication values of some of their shows could be in jeopardy by such a move.