Baz’s “Great Gatsby” Shoots In Sydney

Australian film maker Baz Luhrmann will shoot his proposed 3D version of “The Great Gatsby” for Warner Bros. Pictures at Fox Studios in Sydney later this year reports Nine MSN.

Pre-production kicks off in March ahead of a 17 week film shoot starting in August, followed by 30 weeks of post-production work. The production is expected to result in $120 million in investment income to the state of New South Wales and generate at least 400 jobs during principal photography. As many again will be generated in pre & post-production.

In a statement this morning, NSW Premier Kristina Keneally said “This comes at a good time for the film industry. Australia was thought to be losing international filmmaking due to the strong Aussie dollar – put simply, this is a big win. The Great Gatsby will be a boon for the NSW film industry, particularly given Baz Luhrmann’s commitment to maximising use of local cast, crew and visual effects expertise.”

Other parts of NSW will also be used during the filming and visual effects and post production work will also happen in the state. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan will star in what’s being billed as the first live action 3D movie shot in Australia.