Baz Suffers Mild Injury On “Gatsby” Set

Director Baz Luhrmann has suffered a mild head injury on the set of his $125 million-budget adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” for Fox says The Sydney Morning Herald.

Producer Anton Monsted says “We were on quite a cramped set and he was ducking under the [camera] crane. He struck his head on the weights on the end of the camera crane. He split open his head and we had to get the doctor.” Luhrmann required three stitches but was otherwise fine.

The minor accident means the cast and crew went home a day earlier than planned for the Christmas holiday. All will return early in the new year to resume filming which has been underway already for almost three months.

Filming has been taking place at Fox Studios and locations around Sydney including the former St Patrick’s College in Manly, while another location at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains will be shot once they return.