“Baywatch” Series Gets Remaster, Possible Reboot

Baywatch Series Gets Remaster Possible Reboot

FremantleMedia has reportedly been working on remastering all 242 episodes of the popular 1990s TV series “Baywatch” into high definition and are looking to license the series to broadcasters around the globe.

Should the HD remasters be successful, the company is also reportedly tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Californian lifeguard show for modern audiences – despite the soft reception to last year’s more comedic film based on the property.

The original series was shot on 35mm film allowing for a quality remastering. Original series composer Corey Lerios was also brought in to replace 300 songs within the original with new ones, though they did keep the original theme song.

“Baywatch” reportedly still does well in Germany, France, and Italy.

Source: Deadline