“Baywatch” Film A Decent Success Overseas

Though it proved a dud domestically, Seth Gordon’s “Baywatch” film has proven a surprise minor success at the international box office.

With the help of Dwayne Johnson’s star status and the wide awareness of the brand thanks to its massive global audience in the 1990s, “Baywatch” is slated to cross the $100 million mark tomorrow – a far better performance than its $57 million domestic haul. The film is expected to close out overseas at $110 million.

That percentage of box-office coming from overseas makes it the first R-rated summer comedy to make more than half its money overseas since 2015’s “Spy” and the likes of “Ted 2” and “The Hangover Part III”.

With a costly $60 million budget, a sequel seems out of the question but the film won’t be a money loser either – especially once ancillary revenue from home video and other sales are added in.

Source: Deadline