Bayona To Direct “World War Z” Sequel

“The Impossible” and “The Orphanage” director Juan Antonio Bayona has signed on to direct and produce the sequel to “World War Z” at Paramount and Skydance Productions.

Facing numerous production problems including a costly and heavily reshot third act, “World War Z” went into the Summer looking like an obvious bomb. Instead, the Marc Forster-directed film ended up scoring quite good reviews and a very healthy $540 million worldwide box-office haul.

Brad Pitt is slated to return as producer and star. The first film seemingly ended the story, so how the sequel will handle this is unclear at the moment.

The movie bears little relation to the acclaimed Max Brooks’ novel on which it was based, one of the most common complaints from critics. No writers are attached at present, and it’s uncertain if Bayona and the writers they do hire will go back to mine the book for further material.

Source: Heat Vision