Bay: Why Fifth “Transformers” Is Better Than Fourth

While Michael Bay’s first “Transformers” was somewhat liked, the subsequent sequels have struggled to find any redeeming qualities among film fans even as the movies continue to break box-office records.

The fourth film, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” saw a shift in a new direction but one that wasn’t quite sure where it wanted to go. In the wake of that, Paramount assembled a writers room where a bunch of talented scribes laid out the future of the franchise for the next decade.

Armed with that blueprint, this year’s “Transformers: The Last Knight” aims to claw back some respect for the series. Speaking with Empire, Bay admits the fourth film didn’t quite click and this one gets things back on track:

“[Age of Extinction was] kind of an outlier. Because of losing Shia and just figuring out where we were gonna go. It was testing the waters a little bit. This gets us back in the groove.”

Helping that along is the return of franchise staples John Turturro and Josh Duhamel. Amusingly in the same piece, some of the participants in the writer’s room reveal that having Bay on hand meant that whatever ideas they came up with got executed quickly.

Co-writer Ken Nolan said they came up with an English castle-dweller character called Sir Edmund Burton and: “we said, ‘He’s an Anthony Hopkins-type character’ and two days later Michael’s like, ‘So, we’ve got Anthony Hopkins.’… It’s good to be Bay, everybody says yes.”

The trade also confirms a new character in this outing is Cogman, a psychotic four-and-a-half-foot robot butler which is a personal favourite of franchise producer Steven Spielberg. The quotes come ahead of the film’s final trailer which launches online tomorrow. Check out a tease of that trailer below: