“Batwoman” Tops New Fall Series Awareness

Batwoman Tops New Fall Series Awareness

While awareness doesn’t equal interest, it is the first thing that any new TV series must have in order to achieve any kind of longevity.

In terms of the new Fall season of TV unfolding before us now, The CW’s “Batwoman” is by far the show of the new broadcast series that most are aware of according to two new studies from analytics firms and published by Variety.

“Batwoman” is leading the field in both studies along with being the highest with a “definite interest in viewing” – in fact the ‘demand’ for the show is “more than three times the market average title in the U.S. already” says Parrot Analytics marketing VP Samuel Stadler.

Other shows that have gained traction are ABC’s “Emergence” and “Stumptown,” CBS’s “Evil,” Fox’s “Prodigal Son,” NBC’s “Bluff City Law” and The CW’s “Nancy Drew”. The survey involved thousands of people between the ages of 13 and 64 who were surveyed in the past three weeks

The new TV season officially kicks off on Monday with the networks launching just seventeen series over the next month.

Source: Variety