“Battlefield V” Trailer Unveils ‘Firestorm’ Mode

Battlefield V Trailer Unveils Firestorm Mode

“Battlefield V” developer DICE has revealed details of the game’s talked about but so far barely revealed battle royale mode akin to that used in the likes of popular titles like “Fortnite” and “PUBG”.

The details come from a new trailer released today confirming this mode, dubbed ‘Firestorm,’ features 16 teams of four players all competing to be the last team standing. The action unfolds on what DICE calls the largest ‘Battlefield’ map ever, one packed with destructible buildings, weaponry and vehicles.

There’s also a look at the game’s other multiplayer features which boasts eight different settings including one during one of the biggest tank battles in human history in North Africa. There’s also the single-player storyline called ‘The Last Tiger’ in the works, while DLC in early 2019 will have sequences set in France and Greece.

The game’s open beta starts this week with the title set for launch on November 20th.