“Battlefield V” Gets Cosmetic Only MT’s

After being dragged through the mud for their practices, EA appears to be doing the right thing with the upcoming “Battlefield V” with the game not only ditching loot boxes but also paid DLC and season passes.

DICE’s game will still have in-game currency and microtransactions, but according to Polygon players will have to earn upgrades and new weapons and accessories for their soldiers and equipment via playing the game. Character upgrades and vehicles upgrades that affect player performance will not be purchasable.

The only purchases you can pay for are cosmetic-only upgrades to give your characters and their weapons different sorts of looks. DICE and EA are promising a lot of customization, so much so that players will be able to modify their soldier’s face, war paint, camouflage, weapons, and clothing.

“Battlefield V” launches on October 19th for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Origin for PC.