Battle Royale Remake Still Planned

Producer Roy Lee (“The Ring,” “The Grudge”) has revealed to The New York Times that he’s still moving forward with his plans to remake the infamous “Battle Royale” despite recent events such as the Virginia Tech massacre reports The New York Times.

Set in a future where kids are rebelling against the state, the Government creates a Battle Royale where a class is chosen each year, at random, to head to a deserted island and kill each other. The one remaining classmate wins.

New Line has been pursuing the rights to the film since last year but no deal has been signed yet. Lee says his Vertigo Entertainment is still moving forward, but “the killings have seriously shaken the prospects” for his version which will now “be a little more sensitive to some of the issues”.

He also confirmed that their planned remake of Asian revenge flick “Oldboy,” a film that was said to have influenced gunman Seung-Hui Cho, had been halted long before the massacre.