Battle Royale Becomes A TV Series

Young-skewing TV network The CW has reportedly been in preliminary talks about the possibility of remaking the cult 2000 Japanese hit “Battle Royale” as an English-language TV series says The Los Angeles Times.

Should a deal be reached, the network would acquire rights to Koushun Takami’s novel and then expand on it for an hour-long dramatic series. One issue is the approval of Takami which legally must be secured before any remake moves forward.

Recent smash hit novel and film series “The Hunger Games” has drawn parallels to the original ‘Royale’ which is also set in a totalitarian state where a class of 42 ninth-grade students are forced to kill each other until only one is left in a battle for survival.

The CW was already developing another young adult dystopian series with a similar premise entitled “The Selection”, a project that went to a pilot but was not picked up. Said project has been put back in development and will likely be scrapped if ‘Royale’ moves forward.