Batman vs. Superman Title Considerations

While Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming “Man of Steel” follow-up is commonly referred to as “Batman vs Superman,” that isn’t expected to be the final title.

Now, Comic Book Movie says that Warners has been registering a bunch of domain names lately through the Internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. The titles should give us an idea of the names under consideration. They include:

Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
Man of Steel: Black of Knight
Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
Man of Steel: Knight Falls
Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

and the most recent being:
Man of Steel: Fight or Flight

Of course that is just domain registration and could well be for tie-in marketing or ancillary products like video games. If it were to be one of the above, which would you prefer?