Batman v. Superman Trailer Partly Leaked

Two screen caps and a bootleg copy of around twenty seasons of the new “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer appears to have leaked online on both Twitter and Youtube.

The clip and pics, which I will not link here, were taken by camcorder from a theatrically projected copy of the trailer. They showcase a key scene where the two heroes meet on a dark and stormy night. Batman, in an armored suit, looks up at Superman above him. The Kryptonian lands a few feet away.

Affleck’s Batman, sporting a very heavily altered and artifically lowered voice, says: “Tell me, do you bleed?… You will.” Due to the poor quality of the clip, it can’t be 100% confirmed but it looks very legit – the scene very much like the Comic Con clip shown last year.

For now the leak has done no real damage, the clip is in fact more of an effective ‘teaser of a teaser’ than Snyder’s own tweet yesterday, which means the big launch of the trailer on Monday on select IMAX screens remains the place to see the new clip.

The leak comes as Jared Leto popped up on Snapchat today sporting his green hair for The Joker role in the DC Cinematic Universe film “Suicide Squad”. That film, which is currently filming, opens a few months after ‘Dawn of Justice’. Bad Taste posted the photo which you can see below: