Batman v Superman To Include Some MMA?

To celebrate the anniversary of the announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Batman, long-running fan site Batman News has posted a brief description of a scene regarding the character in Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film.


With Affleck having recovered from his injuries, the actor and Snyder were in Detroit shooting in the city’s Masonic Temple which is normally used for weddings and other events.

The film crew didn’t use the reception hall, rather they reportedly moved into the facility’s giant kitchen and transformed it into an underground ultimate fighting arena ala “Fight Club”.

Turns out Bruce Wayne is a bit of an mixed martial arts fan and the scene involves Mr. Wayne showing up and placing a bet on the outcome of a fight. When he’s asked what he’s doing there, he replies: “I’m kind of a night person.”

He then engages in a conversation with an unidentified character at this shady establishment’s bar. It’s unknown how the scene will figure into the story, but with the sheer amount of material already packed in this is the kind of film where random throwaway scenes aren’t going to be kept in.