Batman v Superman Sex Leads To Arrests

Audiences haven’t been that enamoured with Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” judging by exit polls and box-office, but one British couple’s attempts to relieve their boredom promptly got them sent to the slammer.

STV reports that an intoxicated couple were arrested for having sex whilst watching the film at a cinema in Manchester’s city centre during an evening session.

The pair reportedly got frisky at the halfway point in the film, catching the attention of those seated around them – probably because it was more interesting than what was on screen. Theater management was alerted to the fact that patrons were getting more than they paid for and so had to put a stop to it.

However, when approaching the lovers, the unidentified male stood up and punched a staffer square in the face. At this point that the cops were called in and, following a small scuffle, the pair were arrested – both charged with outraging public decency and he was also slapped with an assault charge.

Thankfully no weapons were involved. The Greater Manchester Police department tweeted a brief statement shortly after the incident: