Batman v Superman Robin, End Credits Rumors

Though Marvel built up all its individual hero franchises first before teaming them in “The Avengers,” Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics opted to take another approach with their own “Justice League” film.

First launching this new cinematic universe with Superman only in “Man of Steel,” they’re adding Batman and Wonder Woman into the mix in March’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” followed by a standalone “Wonder Woman” film and then the “Justice League” movie.

We already know that at least one if not several other members of the League appear in ‘Dawn of Justice’, but are cameos at best. Now, Heroic Hollywood has potentially revealed the nature of those cameos and how the film will bridge the gap to the first “Justice League”.


The site claims the film will NOT have a traditional Marvel-style post-credits sequence. Rather, it’s looking to contain a closing credits montage that sets up the action of DC’s team up film in the same way the “Watchmen” opening credits set up that film’s backstory:

“The closing credits on Batman v Superman will consist of a montage sequence reminiscent of what Zack Snyder did with the opening credits on Watchmen… the montage gave us the history of The Minutemen and set the tone of the world of Watchmen. Using this technique as a closing credits montage to set up The Justice League is a stroke of brilliance. It worked for The Minutemen and can work for The Justice League. Using this technique, Warners avoids the comparisons to Marvel in the event they wanted to use a post-credit scene.”

Another rumor has also popped up at Latino Review today which indicates that their sources have confirmed that the Robin that died in this cinematic universe is the second one – Jason Todd – and that the original Robin character Dick Grayson is alive and kicking and even gets a mention in this film.

You can check out a new TV spot below, the film itself opens March 25th.