Batman v Superman Heads To Morocco

Moroccan film producer Nassim Abassi has posted a tweet confirmed that production on Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will take place in Morocco starting September 1st.

It was previously confirmed in a press release that an African filming location would be used for the project and Morocco was rumored earlier, this would seem to confirm the story.

The real surprise in the tweet though is the length – Abassi says production will run for just over three months through until December which makes for a quite lengthy stay and potentially a big chunk of the final film.

Which stars will be involved in that leg of the shoot is unclear at this point, though the primary unit is scheduled for a bunch of shooting in Chicago this Fall which would indicate Snyder and the primary cast will probably only be in Africa for a few weeks.

Filming continues in Detroit for now, with another set photo today showcasing actors Henry Cavill and Scoot McNairy heading to set – Cavill in his Superman outfit, McNairy in business attire and Chroma-key socks again.