Batman v Superman Gets A Director’s Cut?

Though we got an extended three-minute trailer back around Comic Con time in July, fans of the franchises are awaiting the arrival of another trailer ahead of the film’s release in March.

Today, producer Charles Roven has spoken Collider and says we’ll see new footage soon:

“Honestly, you’re going to be seeing something very soon. I don’t know how you define soon but certainly before the end of the year, how about that?”

Roven confirms the film has a massive 1,500 VFX shots which are still being tweaked. Also being worked on is the theatrical cut’s length with Roven suggesting that not only is the film running long, but we may get an extended cut some day:

“I don’t know if you’ll ever get the 4-hour version, but there may be something that’s coming along that might be slightly less long than that.”

Asked about concerns from fans that the film is too ‘overstuffed’ with characters, he dismisses the reports:

“I don’t think that’s an issue for this film at all. I really don’t… I think that the film is called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so there’s a reason it’s called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and not Dawn of Justice: Batman v Superman. So you’re gonna invest mostly in Batman v Superman and I think that you’ll find other characters in there that you hopefully will want to see more of.”

In related news, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation have released the trailer for “Batman: Bad Blood,” the next feature in the DC animated universe. The film hits Digital HD starting January 19th.

In this story, the Caped Crusader (Jason O’Mara ) is nowhere to found, which means Dick Grayson has to fill his shoes while he teams up with Batwoman and Batwing to find out what happened.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” hits theatres March 25th 2016.