Batman v Superman First Teaser Description

Warner Bros. Pictures started their Comic con presentation just minutes ago with their biggest foot forward – a tease of the currently filming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Specifically a very brief teaser trailer was shown starting with Batman standing on a rainy Gotham rooftop in the rain and removing a tarp to reveal the bat signal. The costume isn’t the one we’ve already seen, rather its armored and boasts light up solid white eyes.

As he turns it on, the camera pans around and there’s Superman hovering in the light, they glare at each other as Superman’s eyes light up red. Cut to title.

The presentation also released the new Wonder Woman art which was one of three character one-sheets and can be found in higher resolution. One of the other two was the Superman artwork that was revealed the other week. The other is a new Batman shot similar to the black and white one we’ve already seen but in color and from a different angle.

Here’s a blurry snap that was taken and is on social media, no word as yet when that Batman photo will make it online in high-res form.