Batman v Superman Desert Bat Photo

One of the more unusual sights in the recent “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Comic Con trailer was footage from a sequence in the movie in which Ben Affleck’s Batman is in costume in some arid desert war zone where he’s fighting gun-toting guerrillas or mercenaries of some kind.

It’s a strange scene, one we’ll hopefully get more of an explanation about at a later date. In the meantime, a new photo of Affleck’s Batman has emerged via Snyder’s longtime photographer Clay Enos and appears to be from that sequence:

Enos has also posted an animated GIF comparison showing the exact moment from the Superman/Zod fight in “Man of Steel” which crosses over with the scene at the start of the ‘Dawn of Justice’ trailer with Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in the street. Click on the photo below to start the animation.