Batman: The Killing Joke Hits Controversy

This time last week the anticipation was sky high for “Batman: The Killing Joke,” the animated film adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic DC Comics title. The project was all set for a world premiere this past Friday at San Diego Comic Con and there was much excitement about the title.

In the wake of the screening though, the property hit an unexpected controversy. Most of the film is a direct adaptation of the Moore work and those elements, along with Mark Hamill’s Joker performance, were universally acclaimed and highly praised.

The issues come with the nearly half-hour original story that opens the film and puts the focus on Batgirl. The film boasts a moment where its implied Batman and Batgirl have sex, a scene that led to a debate and discussion during the panel about the scene’s intentions and portrayal.

Bruce Timm, Brian Azzarello and an online reporter got into a heated discussion with those involved subsequently apologising on social media channels for their behavior. Reviews for the opening segment of the film have been divided. The title hits Digital HD this week and comes out on Blu-ray and rental release in early August.

Source: Heat Vision