“Batman” Telltale PC Game Hit By Bugs

After the PC version of “Batman: Arkham Knight” last year was so broken that it took months for a working version to be released, it comes as little surprise that the next major game title featuring the Caped Crusader has proven to be similarly buggy.

Telltale Games’ “Batman” title released the first of its episodic content this week and reviews for the game on Steam are proving to be a massive stream of complaints about performance lags, controller issues and other game-breaking bugs according to Kotaku.

The site says such issues aren’t new for Telltale who “despite continually announcing new series based on some of the world’s biggest properties, time after time the company releases games with a litany of problems, especially on PC, and they’re often the same ones.”

While ‘Knight’ was flawed enough that developer Rocksteady pulled the title from Steam, at present Telltale’s game remains on sale on Steam for $25 US dollars.