Batman: Killing Joke Film Could Go R-Rated

The various direct-to-video DC animated movies of recent years have generally been getting darker and more adult, opting to keep the gritty and violent elements of the comic stories upon which they are based. Even so, most of them have been able to maintain a PG-13 rating.

That’s not the cast with the upcoming “Batman: The Killing Joke” though as word out of New York Comic Con is that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has allowed the filmmakers to essentially go as dark and R rated as they need to.

Stitch Kingdom tweeted: “DC gave permission to make Killing Joke movie for R rating. Just to clarify, [producer] James Tucker said he was given okay to make Killing Joke for R rating but added that doesn’t mean he will.” Tucker himself then followed that up with a tweet saying that the rating the film gets won’t be decided for some time.

The film is expected to include an an original 15-minute prologue that helps set up the story and offers longtime fans of the Alan Moore comic something fresh to anticipate. Both it and the title “Batman: Bad Blood” are set to be released next year.