Batman, Justice League Updates

If the “Justice League” movie is going to happen, its now a lot longer off than before.

Moviehole reports that rather than mid-2008, a 2010 start date is being targeted. With the cast booked out for much of 2008 and the studio not ready with the project, such a delay is not unexpected.

The news comes as reports late last week revealed that both the Batman and Superman characters had effectively been written out of the story (the former expelled, the later killed by Doomsday) so as not to conflict with those two stand-alone franchises.

Things are more rosy on “The Dark Knight” front though as the next trailer for the film, this one featuring more Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is rumored to be premiering with “10,000 B.C.” on March 7th.

Meanwhile, MTV News has video of the toy version of a flash car that Batman uses in the film.

Finally, a ten-minute behind-the-scenes reel promoting the upcoming DVD release of “Batman: Gotham Knight” is up at IO9.Com. Much like “The Animatrix”, this anthology film uses “Batman Begins” as inspiration to tell six different stories set in the Batman universe using different types of anime.