Batman Is More Heroic In “Justice League”

Whatever happens with Ben Affleck’s future as Batman, we’re getting him in the role at least one more time in this November’s “Justice League”.

Speaking with EW this week, he says his version of the Caped Crusader is going to be a lot less angry and slightly more heroic for the new outing. This follows suit with efforts by Geoff Johns and DC Films to offer a more upbeat take on the DC Comics properties – especially in the wake of the success of “Wonder Woman”:

“[‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’] departed a little bit from the traditional Batman. He started out with all this rage directed at Superman, because of his coworkers who had died in the fight Superman had with Zod. He was holding on to a lot of anger, in a little bit of an irrational way.

Whereas [‘Justice League; has] a much more traditional Batman. He’s heroic. He does things in his own way, but he wants to save people, help people.

This is more in keeping with the canon of how Batman’s usually been portrayed, and how he’s portrayed vis a vis the Justice League in the comics. This is more the Batman you would find if you opened up your average Batman comic book.”

Reshoots under the helm of Joss Whedon are still underway in the UK ahead of the films opening on November 17th.