Batman Introduced In “Justice League”?

It sounds highly speculative but reasonable enough – in a post “Dark Knight Rises” world, don’t expect a Batman origin reboot film because Warners might be skipping that option all together.

Batman on Film reports that it’s looking like a new Batman will be introduced in the proposed “Justice League” movie, as a result we won’t see a stand alone film featuring the Caped Crusader until after.

With Warners planning to keep the Nolan Bat-verse distinctly separate from its plans for DC Comic adaptations moving forward, the question becomes what about the other franchises?

It’a already thought that Henry Cavill’s Superman in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” would likely be a part of a ‘Justice’ film, but there is no certainty of that. Would the Ryan Reynolds incarnation of “Green Lantern” make it in as well?

Marvel’s “Avengers” had the luxury of having introduced its various heroes in earlier films so that it could get into the action and character interplay dynamics right from the get go. Saddled with the burden of essentially having to introduce all but one or two (at most) of its heroes, ‘Justice’ faces an uphill battle.

On the flip side of that argument, the film doesn’t come with the excess baggage of having to mix pre-established universes with differing tones and styles together. While “The Avengers” was an end point of a long build-up, “Justice League” could be the opposite – an explosive start that helps launch numerous standalone franchises. Warners could do what Fox hoped to do a nearly a decade ago now – spin off its successful “X-Men” franchise into separate ‘Origins’ single character film series like Magneto and Wolverine.