Batman Getting A Swanky New Batcave?

Get set for a much more elaborate Batcave in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” than the one seen in Nolan’s 2005 first chapter “Batman Begins”.

As previously reported, the exterior entrance will utilise footage shot during a quick two days of filming at a waterfall in Brecon Beacons, Wales. The interior however is being built on a sound stage set in Los Angeles.

Today though rumours have emerged via Dark Knight Rises Rumors that extensions to that set will be created using footage shot at the massive Salina Turda Salt Mine in Transylvania, Romania which will double for portions of said cave.

Back in January this year it was reported that Nolan unofficially visited the mines and producers had met with Bucharest city officials to discuss some filming.

Nolan famously prefers to use real location photography rather than computer generated artificial environments so it would come as no surprise if reference shots from said location were being taken to composite onto the man-made sound stage set. Photos of the quite amazing facility can be seen below: