Batman Begins Inspiring “Terminator 5”?

Despite being linked for some time, “Game of Thrones” and “Thor: The Dark World” helmer Alan Taylor won’t confirm that he’s a lock to be the director of the upcoming fifth “Terminator” feature.

“I’m still officially going to call it a rumor. I’m under the personal policy to say it’s a rumor” he tells Slashfilm this week whilst out doing the “Thor” publicity rounds.

He had no problem though speculating about the film’s approach, saying the plan will be akin to what Christopher Nolan did with “Batman Begins” – rebooting the franchise after two misfires:

“We all love the first two [Terminator movies] and I actually went back and watched them again and my respect level only went up. I think there is another famous franchise that had a wonderful beginning and then turned a little bananas.

Tim Burton’s first Batman is just glorious and by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff it sort of lost its way. And for (Christopher) Nolan to come in an say ‘I respect this material so much I’m going to take it up to *here,* that’s a great inspiration.’

I think any version, whoever is directing Terminator, would be very respectful and serve the first two and probably feel a bit more freedom by the end.”

Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis are writing the script for the film, and Taylor expects announcements to start hitting the online news sphere in the near future.