Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Soft Reviews

The embargo has lifted on reviews for “Batman: Arkham Origins,” the third game in the highly acclaimed series, and the shine has come off a little bit.

The game has scored a Metacritic score of 79/100 (360 version) & 76/100 (PS3 version), a solid number but a LONG way from the first two games “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (92 & 91) and “Batman: Arkham City” (94 & 96) which sit high on a lot of “best games of this generation” lists.

A big reason for this is likely due to many seeing this as a “filler entry” in the franchise because it’s the first game in the series not developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Instead, WB Games Montreal took over the game’s production and have seemingly done a commendable job for the most part using the blueprint from the previous entries. None of the reviews are outright pans, and very few are mixed. Almost all are very complimentary.

What the reviews have taken issue with is essentially a lack of anything new, fresh or exciting about this entry. The one big new feature, a multiplayer mode, hasn’t drawn much in the way of praise either.

It’s widely thought (and with evidence suggesting it’s the case) that WB Games Montreal took over this entry due to Rocksteady being hard at work on what is being dubbed the real ‘next entry’ in the series – an Arkham game designed from the ground up for next-gen consoles.

If that’s the case, we’ll likely see that late next year.